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Ready to enhance your professional skills? Meet with a career coach to learn how to walk through every step of your career journey with confidence.  

We’ll help you:

  • land the job through mock interviews,  interview preparation, and use of proper job search etiquette
  • learn how to expand and leverage your professional network, including using LinkedIn and conducting informational interviews
  • plan a negotiating strategy, including crafting your elevator pitch
  • articulate your worth by researching information to negotiate your preferred salary and benefits package
  • discover resources to improve your hard and soft skills

Get started with us today to help you stand out in a competitive job market. 

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We serve clients of all ages, backgrounds, religions, locations, abilities, skill levels, and experience.

Acing the Negotiation
You’ve already started by demonstrating your strengths, skills and accomplishments on your resume and social media. You researched the industry standard salary estimates and current occupational demand to know your worth. Now you have an excellent foundation for supporting your value when negotiating. Our Career Coaches can show you how to gain an advantage in the discussion to get your best offer
Become a member and our Career Coaches will give you the power to negotiate with confidence. They can help you to:

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