Telephone Operator

A hospital that is part of the largest and most comprehensive providers of health-related services to the people of Greater Baltimore region, is seeking to hire a Full-time Telephone Operators to provide hospital wide communications services such as call center support, paging, emergency response, disaster alerts, and Vocera broadcast to its entities.


  • Act as a liaison for patient families, physicians, staff members and ancillary departments by providing patient information, directory support and superior customer service
  • Support mission critical operations for physicians, staff and administrator by relaying information routine and non-emergency request as well as providing data and support for all on-call schedules for administrators and on-call personnel and staff members


  • Entry level knowledge
  • Basic employment skills
  • High School diploma, GED equivalent or High School certificate
  • 1-3 years of experience

Pay: $12.94/hour

Benefits:  Benefit package included

Schedule:  Full-time; Various Shifts: 7am-3:30pm/2:30pm-11:00pm/3am-11:30am

Zip code: 21215

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