Retreat Service Manager

A Retreat Center is seeking a Part Time Asst. Retreat Services Manager.


This person is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and overall care, appearance, and maintenance of the facility including food service, dining areas, kitchen, dish rooms, storage areas, bathrooms, common areas, meeting rooms and grounds. The Assistant Facility Manager performs tasks his/herself given to him/her from the Facility Manager as well as delegates tasks to Facility Associates, as necessary, in order to successfully execute scheduled catering events and complete additional tasks prior to specified deadlines. Tasks include catering services, room set ups and arrangements for events, cleaning and restocking bathrooms, organizing and stocking storage areas, furnishing lodge rooms with cots, refrigerators and pack n’ plays as requested, and maintaining the appearance of common areas including sweeping, mopping, emptying trash/recycling/compost cans, and various administrative tasks.


The Assistant Facility Manager is regularly responsible for opening and/or closing the facility on any given Monday – Sunday, which requires arriving in time to unlock doors and allow guests and other staff into the Conference Center Main Building in accordance with the Events calendar. S/He must assist in maintenance of the inventory of all paper goods, disposables, cleaning supplies, and permanent equipment. S/He will also assist in facility operations and repairs in cooperation with the maintenance staff and will maintain a record of all transactions and problems encountered in the performance of his/her duties.




*            Responsible for appearance, cleanliness and maintenance of all common areas

*            Assists in maintaining various weekly, monthly, and yearly facility inventories

*            Responsible for overseeing that kitchen linens are picked up, laundered, and returned in a timely fashion

*            Schedule major floor and carpet cleanings as needed

*            Attend weekly Facility Manager and 10-Day meetings, as well as monthly Facility Associate and All-Staff meetings

*            Assist with weekly inventory of all paper goods, toiletries and supplies, as needed

*            Monitors all meeting rooms, sleeping rooms, lounges, offices, and lavatories for equipment or furnishings problems, including blinds, plumbing, light bulbs, upholstery, carpet, and HVAC status and notifies the appropriate Manager if special attention is required


Catering Services:

*            Supervise and participate in dining room set up and meal service including dining tables and buffet with necessary equipment and prepared food in a timely manner prior to scheduled mealtime

*            Working at a fast pace to maintain the buffet, family-style, or table service, throughout meal service, refilling food and beverages, and keeping area tidy as needed

*            Supervise and participate in set up, upkeep and breakdown of the guest self-bussing station prior to, during and after meal

*            Breaking down buffet, or other food service, at the conclusion of meal service, and wrapping/storing extra food as per the Chef/Cook on duty

*            Sweep & mop floor, wipe down chairs, reset dining tables as needed in preparation for next meal

*            Ensure proper dishwashing, inspecting and putting away of cooking equipment, dishes and utensils

*            Serving and clearing for guests receiving upgraded service (plated service or family-style, no self-bussing)

*            Gather all menu ingredient information from Chef(s) and disseminate that information to Facility Associates in pre-service meetings

*            Ensure snacks are delivered at least 5 minutes in advance, with appropriate plates, napkins & utensils, and cleared no later than 15 minutes after, according to the scheduled location and time on the catering schedule.

*            Maintain the Lobby Beverage Station, cleaning and replenishing as needed with beverage supplies, cups, and condiments. This includes setting up the coffee and teas for Shabbat every Friday.


Conference Rooms

*Verifies group room usage 1 week in advance; clarifies all set up and equipment needs.

*            Responsible for meeting room and lobby setup and changes, breaking down and re-setting rooms for the next scheduled function according to instructions.

*            Maintain and sets up all audio/visual equipment as assigned.

*            Store and maintain all furniture and equipment in an orderly and neat manner.

*            Maintains and sets up all ritual objects, siddurim and furnishings.

*            Assigns tasks to Facility Associates and monitors progress and quality of performance, as well as task completeness

*            Opens and unlocks the building as scheduled and ensures staff and guest access

*            Closes building as scheduled and ensures that all exterior and office doors are locked and secure at the end of the day


Lodges and Sleeping Areas

*            Responsible for delivery of special items like pack ‘n plays, refrigerators, and cots as needed, when Housekeeping is not available or on site.

*            Assists with laundry service

*            Responsible for lounge room setup and changes, breaking down and re-setting lounges for the next scheduled function according to instructions

*            Monitors water coolers, cups, and collection of trash and recycling inside lounges and outside on walkways on days when Housekeeping staff is not scheduled


Other Duties

*            Must check his/her email twice per shift, once at the beginning and once at the end, and respond to emails in a timely basis

*            Delegate tasks to Retreat Services Associates responsibly and efficiently

*            Ensure kitchen linens are picked up, laundered, and returned each day

*            Assist Mashgichim and chef when needed in food prep

*            Take trash out to dumpsters, replace trash can liner, clean trash and compost cans as needed.

*            Assist with deliveries, storing items in their proper place, proper stock rotation, breaking down of boxes, and proper recycling of cardboard

*            Provide top notch customer service to all guests, assist guests with luggage/boxes upon check-in and check-out, answer general guest inquiries

*            Assist with  Kitchen deliveries and offsite catering events, as needed

*            Other tasks/duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:

Associate degree or 3 years similar work experience

Good oral and written communication skills

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel spreadsheets, and good typing skills a plus

Knowledge of Kosher laws, Jewish holidays and observances a plus

Knowledge of cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals (familiar with Material Safety and Data Sheets)



Physical Demands:

Stand for long periods of time

Lift 10-50 pounds

Team lift 50+ pounds


Salary:   DOE


Schedule:   Saturday and Sunday, 7am – 4pm, and additional hours on Friday or Monday.

Zip code:  21136

Job ID: #10306 SM


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