Religious School Classroom Teacher (Sunday)

A community religious school for students with significant disabilities is seeking a Religious School Classroom Teacher.

Gesher LaTorah literally means, “A bridge to the Torah,” and is a  dynamic community-based Jewish special education program serving students with significant disabilities between the ages of five and 21. Students are usually enrolled in a self-contained classroom or adult day and work programs and have disabilities including autism, developmental disabilities, language disabilities or physical challenges.


Gesher LaTorah’s mission is based on the principle that every Jewish individual has a rightful place as a proud and self-assured member of the Jewish family, the Jewish school, synagogue and Jewish community.



  • Develop lesson plans and activities within the framework of a general Judaic curriculum including Jewish concepts such as: Holidays; Parsha and Shabbat; Jewish Community; Jewish Life Cycle; Tefillah; Jewish customs and values
  • Differentiate instruction for a variety of learning levels and styles
  • Create materials and adapt materials to fit the individual needs of each student
  • Participate in professional development programming
  • Work effectively with team members including other classroom teachers, teacher assistants, specialists, and administrator
  • Communicate with parents as needed regarding the students’ progress and/or concerns on the part of the teacher or parents


Required Experience:

  • Degree in Special Education or related field
  • Experience working with students of various ages who have disabilities including cognitive disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, language delay and multiple disabilities
  • Familiarity with IEP’s and how to develop individualized lessons
  • Familiarity with various techniques for working with students with significant learning challenges such as using multisensory input, behavior modification, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of Judaic content


Pay: starts at $35/hr.

Schedule: Sundays from 9-12

Job ID 10305 RSCT

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