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A non-profit supporting person with disabilities in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, is seeking a Full-time Manager of Person-Centered Services to lead the team of Coordinators who are responsible for providing quality case management and person-centered planning services for DDA-funded individuals supported by non-profit.  The Manager will be responsible for ensuring that non-profit provides case coordination and advocacy for individuals currently in service, as well as those who are not actively participating in current services. This position will help coordinators navigate services, LTSS, funding, and referral sources (i.e., DDA, DORS, CCS’s, schools, etc.), regulations and will establish and maintain excellent professional relationships with all stakeholders.


  • Interview, hire, train, and supervise qualified Coordinators of Person-Centered Services to provide quality case management to individuals supported by non-profit.
  • Coordinate and supervise work schedules, ensuring all participant needs are met.
  • Effectively manage use of the payroll system, approving timecards and leave requests within the required timeframes.
  • Ensure that non-profit’s client management system software is always kept up to date, containing accurate information about everyone, and ensuring that all requirements regarding attendance and daily documentation are met.
  • Professionally represent OBI in meetings, trainings, and in the broader community.
  • Support non-profit in expansion efforts to include diversifying funding and programmatic offerings.
  • Meet regularly with department staff, reviewing participant progress, status of PCP-related paperwork, individual and family satisfaction and/or concerns, etc.
  • Maintain close and ongoing communication with DSPs and Program Managers to ensure that activities are person-centered (i.e., based on everyone’s expressed likes and dislikes) and that they are receiving the highest quality of care and support through person-centered planning (PCP) process.
  • Assist Coordinators to work collaboratively with Coordinators of Community Services (CCSs) to facilitate timely Person-Centered Planning (PCP) meetings, including proactively reaching out to them to initiate prep meetings and/or to prompt the timely scheduling of annual PCP meetings.
  • Review all PCP paperwork prior to submission to CCSs; this includes Cost Details, Detailed Service Authorization Tools (DSATs), Service Implementation Plan (SIPs), and Person-Centered Plans (PCPs) drafted by the CCS. Close attention to detail is critical to ensure accuracy in services, funding requests, and narrative explanations of what will be expected to do during the PCP year.
  • Review PCPs on LTSS for accuracy and provide feedback to CCS and/or Director of Person-Centered Services regarding any necessary changes that need to be made before services can be accepted.
  • Monitor participant documentation within online database platform for accuracy, quality, and to remain up to date on each participant’s progress.
  • Supervise the Coordinators’ role in reviewing attendance in our online database as required each week/month, to enable timely and accurate billing to occur.
  • Review and authorize services for participants in LTSS.
  • Ensure that Coordinators are knowledgeable of behavior plans, nursing plans, and other specific care protocols (i.e., toileting needs) so they can assist with training of DSPs assigned to work with individuals on their caseload, and so they can review data related to these areas to remain abreast of progress and make valid recommendations to the team.
  • When requesting/advocating for individual services, particularly 1:1 or behavior support requests, provide DDA and/or the CCS with relevant and substantial back-up documentation and data to justify the request.
  • Maintain accurate and complete records for each participant as instructed in the client management system.
  • Follow all DDA and non-profit regulations when investigating, monitoring, and reporting incidents.
  • Communicate with families/caregivers, and CCSs on a regular basis, beings sure to communicate any changes or important information with the entire team. Provide effective supervision to ensure all Coordinators maintain close ongoing communication with everyone on their caseloads, as non-profit relies heavily on this team to relay communication.
  • Participate as an active member of Management Team.
  • Intervene in crisis situations to assist participants in resolving time-sensitive issues, as well as ensuring the appropriate services are received.
  • Establish relationships with other appropriate community nonprofits and service providers, to collaborate and share resources.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of DDA funding, service definitions and regulations.
  • Maintain compliance with all company, DDA, OHCQ, and DORS policies and regulations always.
  • Provide direct care, including transporting individuals using personal vehicle and/or company vehicles, on occasion as needed.


  • Minimum of 4 years of successful experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities, providing case coordination/case management, or serving in a quality assurance or compliance capacity.
  • Minimum of 2 years of supervision experience.
  • The ability to articulate an understanding of DDA’s new service definitions and associated regulations.
  • High school diploma or equivalent required; Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Highly organized and demonstrated ability to work well independently and as part of a team 
  • Valid Driver’s license (no more than 3 points) and 3+ years driving experience.   
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and a broad understanding of (or ability to learn about) technology that supports community development and person-centeredness and/or virtual service delivery, including apps such as Zoom and Google Voice.

Pay:  DOE

Benefits:  Comprehensive Benefit package, including fully paid medical health insurance for employee, matching 403b, and 22 days of PTO to start).

Schedule:   Full-time; Hybrid position

Zip code: 21108

Job ID: #64163MPCS

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