A comprehensive human service agency that provides a broad range of services that meet the diverse, multi-dimensional needs of individuals and families throughout Central Maryland, is seeking a Full-time Job Coach. In coordination with the Career Coach or Team Leader, provides instruction in job readiness skills, assists clients with job development and provides hands on job coaching as needed to clients one-on-one or in small groups.  Works as a full-time team member. Communicates any issues or concerns back to Career Coach or Team Leader in a timely manner and documents all client interactions according to procedures. Represents agency in a professional manner and provides services according to Total Performance Management goals. Provide leadership and guidance to new job coaches and assist with their training.


  • Evaluates client skills, strengths and determines services, supports and accommodations needed to successfully perform the job duties
  • Establishes a relationship with the employer, and other pertinent staff who interact with the client to encourage natural supports
  • Advocates and negotiates reasonable accommodations and alternative methods of client accomplishing assigned tasks and duties
  • Mediates and resolves any conflicts or issues with job performance and co-workers
  • Maintains accurate and timely documentation and reports as defined by management and or funders
  • Maintains consistent contact with Career Coaches, Disability Team Leaders, and other relevant individuals including funders, and service providers
  • Participates in client staffings, supervisory meetings and trainings as well as other duties as assigned
  • In-depth knowledge of client scheduling for working onsite in client community-based employment positions and working clients in various DDA funding models
  • Schedules Mobility for all clients in DDA program
  • Assists with creating internship programs for clients in Support Services
  • Collaborate with fellow Support Services team members to create special programs that are both center and community based


Knowledge Based Education

  • Knowledge of agency’s mission, values, structure and programs; Understanding of agency policies and procedures
  • Understanding of agency’s relationship with other agencies, the Baltimore Jewish community and the community-at-large
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in the program, structure, licensure/legal requirements and goals of assigned program/administrative unit; Understands other programs/teams within one’s cluster
  • Familiarity with and/or sensitivity to Jewish identity (including its religious, ethical, cultural and social values)
  • Is required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  • Experience and knowledge of proper work habits, behaviors, and etiquette
  • Familiarity with disabilities, sensitivity to and the ability relate to individuals with disabilities
  • Must have a driver’s license and reliable transportation
  • Must have State required trainings such as CPR, First Aid, OSHA as instructed

Attributes & Skills

  • Effective interpersonal skills
    • Ability to communicate and work effectively as part of multiple teams.
    • Ability to work with community members as required by the position.
    • Ability to develop and maintain relationships with clients and/or community members served by the program that fosters improved functioning/change/education as defined by the specific goal of the program.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Analytic skills
    • Ability to integrate new information and skills relevant to ones program.
    • Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve issues related to service delivery.
  • Ability to respect confidentiality with regard to sensitive information.
  • Ability to complete required paperwork accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Initiative
    • Capacity to accept and appropriately use delegated authority.
    • Ability and readiness to work within agency organizational structure.
  • Organized
    • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously.
    • Ability to meet deadlines.
    • Detail oriented.
  • Adaptability/flexibility; willingness and capacity to adapt to and accept a broad variety of functions within area of competence.
  • Ability to maintain safety for self and others in an emergency.
  • Ability to represent the agency and its mission in the community in a professional manner.
  • Ability to maintain professional behavior and appearance at all times.
  • Is dependable; has regular attendance and punctuality.
  • Ability to use supervision.
    • Seeks appropriate guidance from supervisor.
    • Communicates relevant issues to supervisor. Services
    • Appropriately responds to supervisory input
  • Has skills and knowledge necessary for the performance of job functions.

Pay:  DOE

Benefits: Benefit package included.

Schedule:  Full-time; Remote/Hybrid.

Zip code: 21215

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