Field Representatives

The US Census Bureau is seeking Field Representatives.


There are short term roles (i.e. for the summer), but mostly this is an ongoing opportunity.  The rep says there are people who have been doing this for 10-15 years. There are part-time and full-time opportunities.


The client works independently and will be provided training and issued a laptop.

Some work can be accomplished at home and on the phone, but most is completed in the field. Clients are provided assignments and can set their own schedule by day, night, and weekends. (There is a great deal of independence in this role.)

Clients are not canvassing an area and making random interviews, like a traditional census representative.  The client is interviewing preselected addresses and households and will be trained on how to gather information. Field representatives will be asking questions as they appear on their laptop and recording and submitting responses.

The representative is obtaining data on topics for government use such as: employment, housing, crime, medical, etc.


Must have customer services skills and able to follow directions. Don’t need to be a “tech wizard”. Should also be methodical, friendly, outgoing, detailed oriented, and able to work independently. Degree is not required.


Salary:   $18.36-$23.87/hr. (plus $.65 for driving mileage)

Benefits: Eligible after 2000 hours.

Schedule:   Hours vary. Part time and full time positions; days, nights, and weekends.

Zip code:  varies

Job ID: #66273 FR




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