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A Division of the Maryland Department of Labor which licenses, regulates, and monitors 25 business occupations and professions in concert with the applicable boards and commissions whose members are appointed by the Governor, is seeking executive-level candidates for the position of Executive Director of the Maryland Real Estate Commission. This is a Management Service position (at will). The Executive Director is responsible for the unit that oversees the qualification, examination, licensing, and regulation of 49,000 real estate brokers, associate brokers, and salespersons. The Secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor appoints the executive director from a list of three nominees submitted by the Maryland Real Estate Commission. Candidates are required to possess a broad knowledge of generally accepted practices in the real estate business in the state and be reasonably well-informed of the general laws that govern agencies and contracts for the conveyance or leasing of real estate. If the executive director is licensed as a real estate broker, associate broker, or salesperson at the time of hiring, they will need to relinquish the license during the period of employment. Licensing and regulations are accomplished in concert with the Commission, which has nine appointed members.


  • A senior leadership position in the division of Occupational and Professional Licensing supervises a staff of nineteen employees and is responsible for an annual budget of over $2.4 million.
  • Manages all activities related to licensing, investigations, continuing education support, public outreach and advocacy, licensee communications, Commission and staff training, and acquisition of equipment and supplies.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of the administrative rules, laws and policies governing the real estate industry.
  • Maintains compliance with all internal MDOL policies and legal regulations in every area of the Commission’s daily activities.
  • Supervises the creation and maintenance of written office as well as individual staff position procedures manuals.
  • Directs the preparation of agendas, minutes, and related materials for distribution for each Commission meeting. Informs the Commission of current issues, agency reports, and special interest subjects.
  • Coordinates action items arising from Commission meetings with agency staff, the Attorney General’s office, and other MDOL staff to ensure timely completion.
  • Develops and disseminates Commission information to ensure effective communication with citizens, licensees, and professional organizations, including mailings and website posting of public notices, changing State and Federal laws, regulations, code of ethics, public advocacy brochures, press releases, fact sheets, newsletters, and information of public access to the online license system.
  • Supervises the processing of license applications, license denials, and reinstatements to ensure that applications are processed in accordance with legal requirements and procedures.
  • Assists the Commission and Department Counsel in drafting legislative and regulatory proposals to establish and clarify real estate laws in accordance with administration policies, guidelines, and approval.
  • Acts as the chief representative of the Commission to other governmental agencies, the public, and the industry to ensure consistency of information provided.
  • Represents the Commission and MDOL at regional and national conferences to ensure the Commission’s exposure to trends, as well as information and practices enhancing the effectiveness and utility of Commission activity.
  • Manages the processing of approximately 800 complaints annually including intake, review, dismissal, investigation, or adjudication of complaints filed by consumers, other licensees or government agencies against licensees or applicants.
  • Prepares various statistical, annual, and special reports for review as required by the Administration and Maryland General Assembly.
  • Drafts correspondence in response to citizens, legislators, or external organizations for the signature of the Commissioner, Secretary, or Governor.
  • Coordinates responses to requests for information from legislators, the media, citizens, and the industry to ensure responsiveness, accuracy, and conformity with the Maryland Public Information Act
  • Prepares, reviews, and audits fiscal data related to approximately 200 annual Guaranty Fund claims and 100 civil fine recoveries.
  • Monitors, reviews, and assigns activities of Staff Auditor in handling approximately 1,500 audits of real estate brokers’ escrow accounts annually.
  • Completes assignments from the Office of the Commissioner and the Office of the Secretary.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • The successful candidate must possess at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and have at least eight years of practical experience in professional work. Documented professional experience of four years or more may be substituted for college degree requirements.
  • Of the eight years of practical experience in professional work, candidates must have five years of management experience.
  • Candidates must also have five years of customer service experience.
  • Exceptional written and public speaking communication skills are required.
  • Strong technology skills, including proficiency with Google Docs, Google Meet, and Microsoft Office software.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Managing a real estate office, title services, or another business associated with the real estate industry.
  • Experience with government regulatory entities is desirable.
  • Candidates who possess practical experience in real estate work will be given preference.
  • Candidates who possess experience in interpreting and applying laws, regulations, rules, policies will receive additional consideration.
  • Demonstrated leadership and personnel management experience will receive additional consideration.
  • Depending upon experience and qualifications, the successful applicant may be required to complete certain pre-licensing courses as a condition of continued employment.

Special Requirements:

  • All candidates are subject to a background check against files maintained by the Division of Unemployment Insurance (Department of Labor/DUI) to determine whether any monies are owed to Department of Labor/DUI as a result of unemployment overpayment/fraud.
  • Any unpaid debt may have an impact on whether or not a candidate is offered employment.

Pay: $73,787.00 – $96,298 with potential growth of up to $123,760.00/year.

Schedule: Full-time.

Benefits: Comprehensive benefit package included.

Zip Code: 21201

Job ID: #67523EDR

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