Customer Relationship Specialist

A full service dog care center in Cockeysville, is seeking a Customer Relationship Specialist.

The Customer Relationship Specialist position that is responsible for greeting, assisting, developing relationships with our clients and following our Customer Journey Map. The Customer Relationship Specialist must be dependable, reliable, customer focused and professional. The Customer Relationship Specialist works under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Facilities.  The Customer Relationship Specialist is responsible for the day to day operations of the front desk to including completing daily checklist, client interaction in person and over the phone, preparing meals, answering phone inquiries and sales, completing tours and other duties as assigned.


This role is a multitasker’s dream!  Do you have these talents? Run a smooth (but loud) operation, LOVE dogs, great people person, fair yet firm, adaptive and quick thinker, can you talk on the phone while you type on a keyboard and play twister at the same time? Are  you a team builder who believes work should be fun while making money for the whole company?  WHEW – Is this you? Please read on!


The Customer Relationship Specialist manages the first impression and all client facing interactions while managing the front desk function and performs the following essential duties and responsibilities including but not limited to:


  • Actively and consistently demonstrates the ability to perform at a high level of customer service
  • Completing daily checklists
  • Update the manager on duty, Assistant Director of Facilities or the Director of Facilities through the day as necessary
  • Maintain the pass down according to company policies
  • Dog Care
  • Ensure basic protocols of dog care are followed: food cart, water changes, weather conditions (sunscreen or coats as required), poop detail, shift counts are handled, and general care and maintenance etc.
  • Ensure medication sheets are filled out appropriately
  • Communicate to appropriate staff about special requirements/circumstances
  • Administration of medication as needed
  • Assist geriatric handler with office, special needs, and geriatric dogs appropriately
  • Schedule bathing, grooming, one on one’s and other ancillary services appropriately
  • Ensure that illnesses and injuries are documented appropriately, and calls made to clients as necessary following company policies.
  • Assist in arrange transportation when necessary for ill or injured dogs.
  • Assist in carrying out events, open houses and shows.

Pay:  $11.75-16/hr.

Benefits: Yes

Schedule: Full-time; Hours vary

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