Executive Chef

A Retreat Center (dedicated to People, Planet, Purpose) is seeking an Executive Chef.

Under the supervision of the National Culinary Director, this individual is responsible for all phases of operation in the kitchen, including, but not limited to, menu planning, food costing, production planning, inventory, ordering, and kitchen sanitation. Creates and updates menus to maximize profits and minimize loss. Tests and develops recipes. Strives to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction by leading a team to create outstanding food experiences.  Ensures quality and safety of food production.  Manages the kitchen staff, including recruiting, hiring, training, promoting and disciplinary action. Is responsible for ensuring that all allergies and dietary restrictions are handled with extreme care, safety, and diligence.


Requires an understanding of federal, state, and local food sanitation regulations. Requires a bachelor’s degree in area of specialty and at least 7 years of experience in the field.   Requires a commitment to, and a passion for, the advancement of our farm-to-table food service.


Organizational Characteristics:

  1. Sustain a positive, enthusiastic and professional attitude at all times
  2. Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor
  3. Arrive prior to the scheduled starting time, properly dressed and prepared to work
  4. Perform all duties in a timely, accurate and professional manner
  5. Empowered to accommodate all guest requests with a “let me see what I can do” attitude



  1. Bachelor’s Degree in area of specialty
  2. At least 7 years of work experience related to position
  3. Experience creating and managing a commercial kitchen budget
  4. Proficient in Food Service cost controls, menu costing, and inventory-taking procedures
  5. Proficient in Microsoft Office software including Outlook and Excel


Position Description:


  1. Cleaning, Sanitation and Safety
  • Adherence to Local, State and Federal Health Department codes and company standards
  • All HACCP logs kept up to date and all stored food properly labeled and dated
  • Kitchen is maintained  in a clean and sanitary condition
  • Enforce and follow all safety regulations, reporting injuries or any unsafe conditions and work practices to supervisor
  • Ensure all food and dish room temperature and sanitation logs are completed daily
  • Maintain ServSafe Manager Certification


  1. Food procurement, receiving and storage and inventory management
  • Timely and adequate purchasing of all food and supplies
  • Prioritizing purchases according to our Food Principles/Food Ethos; kosher, organic, local, sustainable
  • Strong commitment to sustainability when purchasing and producing
  • Manage proper inventory receiving, storage, and rotation: First In, First Out (FIFO) method
  • Ensure the proper holding and serving temperatures of all food in the kitchen and on the buffet/tables
  • Manage and/or dispose of all food items appropriately that are returned to the kitchen after meal or snack service
  • Ensure all monthly food inventories are completed, reviewed, and submitted to National Culinary Director
  • Assist in yearly kitchen equipment and Pesach equipment inventories
  • Complete a yearly comprehensive pre- and post-Pesach food inventory and submit to National Culinary Director


  1. Food production
  • Production planning and delegation in the form of a daily Game Plan Sheet (GPS)
  • Maximize usage of available Pearlstone Farm produce
  • Accurate projections for quantity and quality produced for each meal
  • Timely production of meals
  • Creates unique menus to maximize profit and minimize loss
  • Tests, develops, and teaches recipes in coordination with Sous Chef
  • Plan, supervise, and execute any Food Service or catering needs outside of the main building


  1. Training and Supervising
  • Leads and directs the work of kitchen team
  • Ensure that the kitchen team has the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times; including catering report, menus, GPS, dietary information, schedule, etc.
  • Encourages a professional team rapport and cultivates a positive team spirit in the kitchen
  • Constantly trains and improves the quality of kitchen staff
  • Follows disciplinary procedures


  1. Administrative Duties
  • Submit invoices to Concur (payment processor) or National Culinary Director for timely approval and payment
  • Create invoices or submit charges for internal program related Food Service requests
  • Complete weekly kitchen staff schedules, approve leave requests, and approve weekly timesheets to adhere to payroll requirements
  • Lead weekly Kitchen meetings
  • Participate in weekly Dietary and 2-week Meetings with Guest Services
  • Attend All-Staff and Kitchen meetings, in-service training and education sessions as assigned
  • Participate in budget planning or variance meetings as requested
  • Compile and save kitchen menus, on the shared computer drive, a minimum of 2 weeks in advance
  • Compile and save posted buffet menus, including all ingredients and allergens, on the shared computer drive, and ensure that they are posted on the buffet before every meal
  • Ensure that the Farm produce chalk board in the dining room is updated weekly


  1. Guest Service
  • Can work with clients to create menus; both for special events and regular scheduled group visits
  • Update all sample menus, snack upgrade offerings, and meal pricing sheets yearly
  • Visit guests in the Dining Room and review comment cards to monitor satisfaction
  • Conduct “Food Tours” introducing the Pearlstone Farm produce and meal components once per group, as appropriate, alternating with Sous Chef
  • Answer all questions on cooking preparation and ingredients


Salary:   $80,000-90,000


Schedule:   Hours vary

Zip code:  21136

Job ID: #10306 EC


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