Security Supervisor

A Retirement Community, offering independent living residences, is seeking a full time  Security Supervisor.


Security Supervisor
Essential Duties:
1. Manages the scheduling, work, performance, etc. of all security/screening staff. Obtain or provide coverage as needed for open shifts.
2. Is involved in the interviewing of candidates and the hire decision for new staff.
3. Makes scheduled rounds both inside and outside the buildings to maintain a secure environment for residents and their property as well as company property.
4. Responds to all fire alarms and apartment emergency calls.
5. Meets regularly with Director of Plant Operations to ensure department and community goals are being met.
6. Selects, trains, evaluates and disciplines departmental personnel.
7. Responsible for supervision and oversight of departmental staff.
8. Prepares and maintains required reports, records, studies and surveys (payroll, QA, etc.)
9. Maintains confidentiality at all times.Other Duties:
1. Attends in-service training and education sessions, as assigned.
2. Performs specific work duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
3. Responsible for compliance with departmental budget (revenue and controllable expenses).
4. Observes all safety rules and regulations.
5. HIPAA Compliance – follows written policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality of protected health information.
6. OIG Compliance – follows written policies and procedures to comply with the federal and state laws and regulations.
7. Interacts with residents and coworkers in a friendly and respectful manner.
8. Can be relied upon to be at work on time and to complete duties in a thorough and timely manner.
1. Ability to understand and follow instructions in English, communicates effectively, and performs simple arithmetic.
2. Two years experience in security required.
3. Supervisory experience.

Pay:  $19/hour

Benefits:  Yes

Schedule:   Hours vary

Job ID: #10125 SES

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