Marketing Assistant

A local, online counseling organization — is seeking a Marketing Assistant.

  This is an entry level position, with potential for long-term growth.

Some of the responsibilities of the Marketing Assistant position may include:
Researching market trends and other relevant data as it relates to the targeting of our core markets

Assist with Request for Proposal processes. Involves template and textual formatting, answering questions in a clear manner, collaboration with upper management for documentation, signing and approval. Also includes printing and mailing the correct number of necessary documents.

Creating reports on data findings, as well as collaborating with team members on actionable items towards next steps from results

Assist with the creation and development of presentation materials and content for school and therapist events (webinars, shows, sales presentations)

Work alongside the team to create a plan for social media strategies monthly. Help create content to promote sales, blogs and applicants.

Play an active role in increasing our targeted audience across all Social Media platforms

Assisting with website functionality as it relates to converting website visitors

Campaign support- trade show, job fairs, loyalty programs.

  • Pay:  $16/hr.
  • Benefits: health insurance, including medical, dental, ST, LT, life insurance and paid time off.
  • Schedule:   Hours are regular work-day/week, with flexibility.

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