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Whether you are a new graduate, returning to the workforce after parental/personal leave or job loss, or exploring a career transition, we are here to help you:

  • Explore career paths you haven’t considered before
  • Transfer your relevant experiences and improve your skill set to succeed in a new position
  • Understand the job market and discover potential employers

Work with the Ignite team to:

  • Assess your career options based on your interests, values, and work history
  • Identify areas of improvement to enhance your skills
  • Develop a career plan to meet your professional goals

Determine the next step in your career path. Learn more about how we partner with 300+ employers in the community and advocate on your behalf to bring you unique in-person, hybrid, and remote employment opportunities.

We serve clients of all ages, backgrounds, religions, locations, abilities, skill levels, and experience.

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Engaged Employees: Is Hybrid The Answer?

Employee engagement is crucial for organizational success. It appears that a hybrid work environment may be key to maximizing the feeling of connection staff have ...
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Aligning Values & Professional Fulfillment

Personal career fit goes beyond the traditional metrics of salary and benefits. Ideally, your job should align with your skills, values, and long-term career goals, ...
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Not The Right Time For College? Don’t Just Walk Away.

What should you do if you are enrolled in college, but you’ve determined that it might not be the right time or fit based on ...
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Get going with the valuable resources that our career coaches have written, plus outside resources we have selectively compiled. Learn the types of careers for which your skills are perfect and what certifications are most valuable in your field. Find guidance for crafting a resume and cover letter, plus articles and videos to help you set out on your job search and land the ideal position.

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