Specialized Employment Support Services

Transitioning Youth

In this four-part video series, the JCS Ignite Career Center, shares professional advice for families of individuals with disabilities. Assisting them with navigating the services and resources available at every stage of transition, from infancy through the teen years and into adulthood when it’s time to enter the workforce and find independence. Andrea Fenwick, Senior

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Disclosing a Disability

By Andrea Fenwick When interviewing for a job, many people worry about saying the wrong thing.  For people with disabilities, this can be even more of a concern, especially if your disability is not apparent to the average person, like low vision, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety disorders, or learning disabilities like dyslexia. The current employment landscape

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Back to the Future

I meet many people in search of employment. It’s my job as a JCS Career Coach. Throughout my career, I have met with clients, who for different reasons, had chosen not to work or did not “need” to work. Some are new to the employment market due to a change in life circumstances, or were living off an inheritance, with

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