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Work one-on-one with a dedicated Career Coach at Ignite to jump forward in your career in a flash. Your goal might be finding your first job. Maybe you’re someone who wants to get ahead at their current company. You might be someone thinking about starting a new career or re-entering the workforce. Whichever career story is yours, we can help!
You will be amazed at how far our experienced Career Coaches can propel your professional growth. And you’ll ignite your professional passions with the extensive resources we offer to explore opportunities on your own. We also provide additional levels of supports and services for those with varying abilities, including those with mental health, developmental, or cognitive disabilities.
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Our Fees
You’ll find that other career coaches charge by the hour or take a commission. Because of the generous funding we receive as a nonprofit organization, we are able to offer one-on-one career coaching through a monthly membership below market rates. Reduced rates or no-cost memberships may apply for individuals meeting certain criteria. Call or complete the form and we’ll help determine the best plan for you.

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